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Company Profile
MedDev Corporation

Established in 1971, MedDev is a privately held corporation committed to developing and manufacturing innovative, quality-driven surgical and consumer-based products. We are the leading provider of eyelid closure devices for the treatment of facial palsy and hand exercisers used to restore hand function. Our goal is to offer efficacious solutions to improve the quality of life for the individual and advance the level of care given by the practitioner.

Eyelid Closure Devices:

As the leading worldwide supplier of eyelid closure devices, MedDev Corporation is committed to the development and delivery of specialty devices for the treatment of the conditions associated with facial palsy. Beginning in 1969, MedDev helped to pioneer the field by developing the first standardized set of gold eyelid implants. Now with over 30 years experience, MedDev, in collaboration with leading ophthalmic, ENT and plastic surgeons worldwide continues its commitment to providing the most comprehensive line of innovative surgical and non-surgical eyelid closure devices for the facial palsy patient.

Hand Therapy Products:

MedDev is the originator of the Hand Helper® hand exerciser used to restore hand function and improve hand strength following injury or illness. The original exerciser was developed in 1965. Today, healthcare professionals recognize MedDev Hand Helper line of hand exercise products as the standard for post operative hand therapy treatment to improve grip strength, increase range of motion and overall hand flexibility. In the 1990’s, in partnership with leading rehabilitation specialists, MedDev expanded its proprietary product offerings to include: Finger Helper®, Thumb Helper® and Iso Hand Helper®.

MedDev surpassed all previous levels of design development in 2000 by introducing the first ergonomic Ultimate Hand Helper® hand exerciser. The premier Ultimate Hand Helper hand exerciser’s new hand-conforming design not only offers patients enhanced comfort, but now consumers as well can experience the “ultimate” exerciser for hand and forearm strengthening.

Corporate Headquarters
MedDev Corporation

730 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
PH. (800) 543-2789/ (408) 730-9702 / (408) 730-9651
FAX. (408) 730-9732
Email: info@meddev-corp.com
Website: meddev-corp.com / www.hand-helper.com

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