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    Degree MD  OD
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  • Yes, I am interested in the following EYELID CLOSURE PRODUCTS:

    Gold Eyelid Implants
    Platinum Eyelid Implants

    External Eyelid Weights
    Tantalum Sizing Set

    EyeClose Adhesive Strips
    Instructional Video for Implantation

    Standard Price List

  • Yes, I am interested in the following HAND THERAPY PRODUCTS:

        MedDev Order Assist

        Preferred Supplier Locator Form

        Ultimate Hand Helper

        Hand Helper (I or II)

        Finger Helper

        Thumb Helper

        Soft Touch Foam Kit

        Latex-Free Elastic Bands


  • Yes, I am interested in the following MultArray PRODUCTS:

        MultArray Surgical Headlight (North American use and

            Overseas Use)


  • Yes, I would like to set up an account with MedDev Corporation, please send send me an application to open an account.

           Account Application


  • Yes, I am interested in obtaining additional information on:


      Common Coding for Reimbursement of Eyelid Closure       

      MRI Compatibility with MedDev Eyelid Implants


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