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ThinProfile™ Eyelid Implant Design Optimizes Lid Cosmesis

ThinProfile Design Eyelid ImplantSunnyvale, California - MedDev Corporation, the leader in eyelid closure products for over three decades, announces its most recent innovation: the patented, ThinProfile Eyelid Implant providing superior cosmetic results in the treatment of paralytic lagophthalmos.

 The ThinProfile design implant is 40% thinner than its predecessor, the Contour design eyelid implant. It is only 0.6 mm thick and features channel-free 1.0 mm suture holes for freedom in suturing. The implant’s bi-convex underside conforms to the spherical shape of the ocular globe with precisely blended, smoothly rounded edges and corners. MedDev ThinProfile implants are made from 99.99% pure gold and are available in weight sizes ranging from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams (in 0.2-gram increments).

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