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Sizing Weights for Accurate Eyelid Implant Weight Selection  

Palo Alto, CA - Tantalum Eyelid Weights from MedDev Corporation are designed to provide an accurate means for determining the proper weight preoperatively for either an Eyelid Implant or a skin tone EyeClose® External Eyelid Weight. MedDev Eyelid Closure Products are used to treat the functional defects of lagophthalmos, resulting from a temporary or permanent facial paralysis.

Tantalum Eyelid Weights are produced from 99.99% tantalum with a polished finish. The Tantalum Eyelid Weights are available in six standard weight sizes, in 0.2 gram increments, from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams. Weight sizes greater then 1.6 grams can be special ordered

The Tantalum Weight Sizing Set includes: a storage box containing the six standard size eyelid weights, one hundred (100) double-sided EyeClose® Adhesive strips and a instruction sheet.

The Tantalum Eyelid Weights are for external sizing purposes only and are not for implantation.

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