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A New Choice in Platinum

SUNNYVALE, California – MedDev Corporation, a leading provider of innovative eyelid closure devices for the surgical treatment of paralytic lagophthalmos, now offers ThinProfile Platinum Eyelid Weight Implants.  This new pure platinum implant offers higher density (11% compared to gold) and reduced thickness (40% compared to our popular Contour design), creating the smallest-profile implant for optimal lid cosmesis.

Platinum has long been recognized for excellent biocompatibility and is the preferred implant material for gold-sensitive patients. Since 1973, MedDev has provided pure platinum (>99.99%) eyelid implants in 1.0 mm thickness.  Our new ThinProfile Platinum Eyelid Implant offers a reduced profile permitting an aesthetically superior postoperative eyelid appearance.

MedDev’s ThinProfile Platinum Implants are 0.6 mm thick.  The implant features a three-dimensional curvature that conforms precisely to the shape of the ocular globe.  Tapered edges and rounded corners are blended uniformly to ensure tissue compatibility. Smoothly chamfered and channel-free suture holes permit greater flexibility in implant fixation.  Microscopic inspection assures flawless interior walls with no sharp edges.

MedDev Platinum and Gold Eyelid Weight Implants are available for immediate delivery in either Contour or ThinProfile designs.  Seven standard weights are available ranging from 0.6 to 1.8 grams.  Five special order implant weights (Contour design only) are available from 2.0 to 2.8 grams.

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