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Thirty years ago, MedDev created the original Hand Helper exerciser, setting a standard for effective and reliable hand rehabilitation. Today, MedDev is a leading manufacturer of hand exercise equipment. Therapists have preferred the Hand Helper's lightweight and versatile design for combining comfort, form, and function in one easy-to-use exerciser. With your suggestions, we improved our original. We padded the Hand Helper's handle to provide your patient greater comfort during exercise. Our range-adjusting clips make evaluating your patient's progress easier. We even offer Hand Helpers in attractive colors to brighten your patient's therapy process. Now we introduce the Ultimate Hand Helper.

MedDev's full range of  hand therapy and exerciser products is below.

The Ultimate Hand Helper

Patented, New, Versatile, Ergonomically-Curved Hand Therapy and Exerciser Device.

Other Helper Products

Finger Helper

Iso Helper

Thumb Helper

Soft Touch Foam

Available in Three Different Resistances - Light, Medium or Firm; Bulk and Mixed Resistance Packs.

Latex-Free & Rubber Bands

Available in Regular Rubber or Latex-Free Elastic; Various Colors for Graded Resistance; 3 oz or 16 oz bags.

Ordering Information

Health Professionals should contact MedDev customer service at 1-800-543-2789 for ordering information and pricing.