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Ultimate Hand Helper

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Ultimate Hand Helper


The Ultimate Hand Helper was designed to be comfortable, effective and versatile. It will help improve grip strength and rage of motion while facilitating tendon glide.

There are 18 muscles that work together to flex the hand and fingers. The two largest ones, each with four tendons (one for each finger), are the Flexor Profundus, which goes to the end of each finger and the Flexor Sublimus, which attaches at the middle joint. The sixteen other small muscles assist in the flexing and other intricate motions that make the hand so useful.

When the hand is flexed, all eighteen muscles are utilized, to varying degrees. The Ultimate Hand Helper can be used in several positions to create various exercises. Each type of exercise effects different results. Depending on a patient's needs, a customized routine can be developed to rehabilitate or exercise the specific muscles, tendons, and motions you need to work on.


The new ergonomic design and contoured, padded handle conforms to the curvature of the hand for superior comfort while exercising. The frame's patented curve allows isolation of the different flexor tendon groups for more effective rehabilitation.


  • Patented, contoured elastomeric grip allows for positive and comfortable grip while using the Ultimate Hand Helper.

  • Sturdy frame allows for the use of color-coded, latex-free elastic bands to customize the amount of resistance, accurately evaluate a patient's progress, and give positive reinforcement.

  • Bands are simple to change, fitting easily and securely on the large fingers of the frame.

  • Rotating finger roller allows for a smooth transition of the finger grip position during use.

  • Range limiting clips help fit the Ultimate Hand Helper to hands of different sizes, create appropriate exercise regimens, and gauge positive results.

Non-Therapy Usage

Our long history in the physical therapy market has provided us with insights that can be used by the general non-rehabilitation market. If you think that you can benefit from greater flexibility and controlled repetitive strengthening for sports and occupational activities, try the Ultimate Hand Helper.



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