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The MedDev Order Assistprogram provides an easy and efficient way to order the exact MedDev Hand Helper® hand therapy products you need, at an affordable price.


In 1965, while recovering in the hospital, an inventive engineer named Harry Ratchford designed an easy to use rubber band resistance exerciser to regain his hand strength. Mr. Ratchford’s simple device was so effective in improving hand strength that he soon found he was making additional models for his family and friends, creating what were to become the first Hand Helper” prototypes.

Mr. Ratchford’s simple device continued to gain popularity and eventually arrived at the office of Richard Jobe, M.D., President of MedDev Corporation.  Upon review, Dr. Jobe agreed that the device had strong potential in the rehabilitation market. He enthusiastically encouraged Mr. Ratchford to develop and market the exerciser to healthcare professionals in partnership with MedDev Corporation.

After signing an agreement in 1969, MedDev began manufacturing the first elastic band hand therapy device. By the mid-1970’s, a few prominent hand surgeons began to take notice of the exerciser’s therapeutic benefits.  Before long, MedDev's new Hand Helper became recognized as an effective therapy device.

MedDev continued to respond to hand therapy needs in the 1990’s with the creation of the Hand Helper® II, a padded version of the original Hand Helper. In 1994, MedDev introduced three specialized hand and finger exercisers: Finger Helper, Thumb Helper®, and Iso Hand Helper. MedDev’s premier exerciser, the Ultimate Hand Helper®, was launched in 1999 as the first curved ergonomic hand exercise device to significantly improve overall hand function.

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Discover The Difference A Curve Makes

MedDev’s new, patented Ultimate Hand Helper® makes it easy to preferentially exercise specific muscle tendon groups of the hand and forearm.  The exerciser’s exclusive hand-conforming design promotes comfort and provides the ultimate in hand exercise versatility. The instruction booklet, included with each Ultimate Hand Helper, illustrates a variety of exercise options for developing strength, coordination and range of motion of the hand and forearm muscle tendon groups. Combining these exercises in a single session supports improved overall hand function.

After the conclusion of treatment, the Ultimate Hand Helper with light resistance provides gentle exercise to maintain hand mobility and range of motion.  Low resistance exercise can be beneficial in the prevention of cumulative trauma disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ultimate Hand Helper, Blue

Includes color-coded, latex-free elastic bands, range-limiting clips and an instruction booklet.


Suggested Exercises

Fingertip Flexion

Bends the three finger joints emphasizing muscles that flex the fingertips.




Middle Finger Flexion

Bends only the two finger joints closest to the palm emphasizing muscles that act on the middle joint.



Finger Base (Knuckle)

Joint Flexion

Bends the finger joint closest to the palm emphasizing smaller intrinsic muscles within the hand.


Composite Flexion

Bends the complete finger emphasizing mobility and range of motion.



Hand-conforming design

Preferentially targets specific muscle tendon groups for exercise

• Contour, padded handle comfortably supports the palm

Range-Limiting Clips adjust to fit various hand sizes and limit the range of motion

Oversized outer pegs provide convenient elastic band placement and adjustment

Color-coded, latex-free elastic bands allow for infinite levels of resistance

Sturdy frame can be used for advanced hand strengthening programs


Strengthen Only Those Fingers That Count

The narrow design of MedDev’s Finger Helper provides for preferential strengthening of weaker fingers while excluding stronger fingers from the exercise process.  Range of motion can be varied by insertion of a single spacer peg attached to the Finger Helper frame.   Each Finger Helper includes a selection of color-coded, elastic bands used to vary the resistance level.  The narrow frame size of the Finger Helper makes it ideal for pediatric patients or others with small hands.

Finger Helper, teal

Includes color-coded elastic bands, a spacer peg and instructions for use.



When Strengthening The Thumb Matters Most

The versatile design of the MedDev Thumb Helper® provides a variety of exercise options to promote thumb and individual finger strength. Two stacking spacer pegs easily attach to the Thumb Helper frame to vary the range of motion.   The Thumb Helper includes a selection of color-coded, elastic bands used to vary the resistance level.

Thumb Helper, Purple

Includes color-coded elastic bands, two stacking spacer pegs and instructions for use.



An Isometric Workout For Your Hand And Forearm Muscles

The innovative design of MedDev’s Iso Hand Helper promotes isometric strength, range of motion, and muscle coordination of the hand and forearm without involving muscle groups of the upper body.  The Iso Hand Helper consists of two rolling finger bars connected to a padded double-handled outer frame and sliding inner frame. The user creates the desired resistance level by pulling the inner sliding frame with the opposing hand. For early stage rehabilitation, the Iso Hand Helper promotes joint and soft tissue mobilization. After regaining normal hand function, the Iso Hand Helper provides increased levels of resistance for more advanced programs.

Iso Hand Helper, Teal

Includes instructions for use.



Choose Your Own Resistance Level

MedDev’s Soft Touch® Kit includes three polyurethane foam hand exercisers.  Soft Touch foams are hand-contoured and provide three graded levels of resistance: light resistance using Soft Touch #1 (1 to 1-1/2 lbs.), medium resistance using Soft Touch #2 (2-1/2 to 3 lbs.) and firm resistance using Soft Touch #3  (4-1/2 to 6 lbs.).  Useful for any hand size, MedDev’s Soft Touch promotes strength and flexibility and is especially suited for arthritis sufferers and others requiring a gentle exerciser to improve circulation and hand function.

Soft Touch Kit

Includes a set of three, color-coded, graded foam hand exercisers.



Five Functional Exercisers in One

For home or clinic use, the Hand Therapy Sampler Kit includes MedDev’s most popular hand and finger exercisers specifically designed to strengthen functions of the forearm, hand and fingers while developing coordination, dexterity, and improved range of motion. The Hand Therapy Sampler Kit includes one each of the following: Ultimate Hand Helper®, Thumb Helper®, Finger Helper™, Iso Hand Helper™, and a Soft Touch® Foam Kit.

Hand Therapy Sampler Kit

Includes (1) Each:  HH 4300, TH 4510, FH 4610, IH 4710, and ST 4000



A Convenient Way to Measure Your Progress

Progress from one resistance level to the next as you improve hand strength.  The wider the color-coded band, the greater the level of resistance.  Replacement Elastic Bands are latex-free and available in 3 oz. packages of single or assorted colors. The four levels of resistance are: yellow (lightest), red (medium), blue (heavy) and light blue (heaviest).

Elastic Band (Latex-Free) – Yellow

Elastic Band (Latex-Free) – Red

Elastic Band (Latex-Free) – Blue

Elastic Band (Latex-Free) – Light Blue

Elastic Band (Latex-Free) – Assorted Colors


For questions on how to order MedDev Hand Helper® hand therapy products, call MedDev Customer Service at 800.543.2789 (M-F 8:30AM to 5:00PM PST). You can also fax your request to MedDev at 408.730.9702.

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Quality materials, workmanship, and design excellence distinguishes every MedDev product.  The MedDev Ultimate Hand Helper®, our latest hand therapy device, incorporates state-of-the-art CAD-CAM engineering with superior ergonomic design.  MedDev Hand Helper products are recognized worldwide as the industry standard.   Our goal is to continue our thirty-year tradition and offer quality-driven solutions that will fulfill our customers hand therapy needs. 

As a guarantee of quality, MedDev will repair or replace, free of charge, any MedDev product found to be defective, in the course of normal use, within the first year. For additional information regarding MedDev’s Quality Guarantee, please call MedDev Customer Service at 800.543.2789.

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