ThinProfile™ Eyelid Implants (Implant thickness 0.6mm)

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MedDev’s ThinProfile Eyelid Implant is 40% thinner than our popular Contour implant. The ThinProfile’s reduced thickness provides improved eyelid cosmesis while providing the same effectiveness as our proven Contour implant.  Our ThinProfile Eyelid Implant features a proprietary three-dimensional curvature and precise tapering to produce the thinnest eyelid implant available.  An aesthetically pleasing outcome assures patient satisfaction.


ThinProfile Gold Eyelid Implants 

      (Catalog# LL 4006 – LL 4016)

  • Six Standard Sizes (0.6 g to 1.6 g in 0.2 g increments)


ThinProfile Platinum Eyelid Implants 

      (Catalog# LL 6006 – LL 6018) 

  • Seven Standard Sizes (0.6 g to 1.8 g in 0.2 g increments)



      ThinProfile Gold Eyelid Implants
  • Thinnest Available Implant

  • Proven Functional Results

  • Superior Cosmesis

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

      ThinProfile Platinum Eyelid Implants

  • Smaller* Implant Profile (*Density of platinum is 11% higher than gold)

  • Excellent biocompatibility

  • Proven for gold sensitive patients


  • 12.7 mm spherical radius; the eyelid implant design conforms precisely to the surface curvature of the eye

  • Exact tapering and rounded corners reduce implant profile

  • Suture holes (1.0 mm) allow proper surgical positioning within the eyelid and enhance postoperative placement through tissue 'in-growth'

  • Smoothly blended surface transitions and suture hole edges

ThinProfile Gold Eyelid Implants

  • The Gold Contour Eyelid Implant is produced from pure (>99.99%) gold (specific gravity 19.21)
  • Six standard gold weights (0.6 g to 1.6 g) are available for next day delivery

ThinProfile Platinum Eyelid Implants

  • The Platinum Contour Eyelid Implant is produced from pure (>99.99%) platinum (specific gravity 21.5)
  • Seven standard platinum weights (0.6 g to 1.8 g) are available for next day delivery

ORDERING INFORMATION                         

For additional information, Contact Us or Call MedDev Customer Service at 800.543.2789 (M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm PST).