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The following procedures, used by Dr. Richard Jobe1 and Dr. Stuart Seiff2, respectively, are provided for information purposes only. Final placement of the Eyelid Implant may be septal, mid pretarsal or low pretarsal.


 Weight Determination

The appropriate weight Eyelid Implant is determined by testing different weights from the MedDev Tantalum Eyelid Weight Sizing Set to the upper eyelid. The appropriate weight allows the eyelid to close without difficulty and induces a slight ptosis of no more than 1.0 mm, as the levator seems to strengthen after implantation.


Incision in Eyelid

An incision is planned along the eyelid crease at or above the supraciliary line, centered between the medial and central thirds of the eyelid.




Blunt Dissection

Blunt dissection is carried through the orbicularis, superficial to the tarsus.



For information on placement techniques, simply download our Surgical Reference Guide on Placement of the Eyelid Implants.

MedDev Surgical Reference Guide

  1. Jobe RP: A Technique for Lid Loading in the Management of the Lagophthalmos of Facial Palsy. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 53 (1): pp. 29-32, Jan 1974.

  2. Seiff SR, Chang J: Management of Ophthalmic Complications of Facial Nerve Palsy. Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America, 25-3, pp. 669-690, June 1992.


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