Tantalum Weight Sizing Set

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The Tantalum Weight Sizing Set assists the physician in determining the appropriate weight size when selecting either a MedDev Eyelid Implant or a Blinkeze External Lid Weight.  The appropriate weight size is determined by adhering different sizing weights to the outside of the patient's upper eyelid.  Tantalum Weight Sizing Sets are available in either a standard set or a special size weight set.

Each set consists of a selection of polished tantalum sizing weights, 100 EyeClose Adhesive strips, and a Skin Tone Selector Card in a convenient case.

The Tantalum Weight Sizing Set weights are for external use only and are not to be implanted.


  • Permits preoperative sizing
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Reduces the investment for sizing patients with more expensive gold eyelid implants
  • Clearly shows the patient that the treatment will be effective


  • Produced from 99.9% tantalum with a polished finish
  • Standard Set contains seven weights ranging from 0.6g to 1.8g in 0.2g increments
  • Special Set contains five weights ranging from 2.0g to 2.8g in 0.2g increments
  • Each set includes a box of 100 EyeClose Adhesive Strips, (LL 0505)
  • Weights are organized in a convenient storage box
  • Includes a skin tone selector card


For additional information, Contact Us or Call MedDev Customer Service at 800.543.2789 (M-F 8:30 am 5 pm PST).

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