Sizing Instructions

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To find the correct weight:

  1. Tantalum Eyelid Sizing Weights are marked on the concave side with the weight in grams. Place an EyeClose Adhesive strip on the concave side of the 1.0 gm sizing weight. (Note: Instructions for using the adhesive strips are included with the strips or at Directions for Use.).

  2. With the patient sitting upright, affix the weight to the upper eyelid approximately 3.0 mm above the lash line (centered at the junction of the medial and central thirds of the eyelid). At this point the action of the levator function is maximal.

  3. Note the position of the eyelid as the patient looks up and down.

  4. Increase or decrease the sizing weight until the best result is achieved. Because the levator seems to strengthen after the weight is added, the optimal weight is usually that which holds the lid about 1.0 mm lower than a normal lid as the patient looks straight ahead.

Skin Tone Selection

The Tantalum Weight Sizing Set includes a Skin Tone Selector Card to determine the appropriate skin tone color that best approximates a patients eyelid complexion. Blinkeze External Lid Weights are available in five different colors: -0 Light; 1 Pink/Neutral; -2 Tan; -3 Medium Brown; and -4 Dark Brown. It is necessary to indicate the skin tone color when placing your order for a Blinkeze External Lid Weight.

(Note: The appearance of the skin-tone colors above may vary due to differences in browsers and computer monitors.)

Skin Tone Selector Cards are available free of charge by calling MedDev.

Accessory Products

EyeClose™ Adhesive Strips

EyeClose Adhesive Strips are used to temporarily adhere Blinkeze External Lid Weights to the outside of the upper eyelid. EyeClose Adhesive Strips are a composite of white, semi-transparent film and fabric coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive. Each EyeClose Adhesive Strip box contains ten sheets of ten, single-use double-sided strips (100 strips).

Ordering Information

For additional information, Contact Us or Call MedDev Customer Service at 800.543.2789 (M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm PST).

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