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Blinkeze External Lid Weights offer the physician a new approach to supportive eye care for the treatment of facial paralysis. The weight simply uses gravity to gently close the upper eyelid when the patient looks down, or when the eyelid muscle is relaxed.  MedDev offers Blinkeze External Lid Weights in a variety of skin tone colors to match a patient’s complexion.

Blinkeze External Lid Weights are manufactured from 99.99% pure tantalum, a dense metal with high biocompatibility.  The weight is provided in a treatment kit, which includes 100 double-sided hypoallergenic adhesive strips for attaching the weight, a mirror, and detailed instructions.


Note: This image may not be accurately showing the actual colors. Please consult with a physician for the correct color. Physicians may request the Blinkeze skin tone selector card.

MedDev Blinkeze External Lid Weights

        (Catalog# TEW 6006 – TEW 6028)

  • Seven Standard Sizes (0.6 g. to 1.8 g in 0.2 g increments)

  • Five Special Order Sizes (2.0 g. to 2.8 g in 0.2 g increments)

       Skin Tone Selection

         Light (-0), Pink/Neutral (-1), Tan (-2), Medium Brown (-3), Dark Brown (-4).

            (The corresponding skin tone color suffix must be specified at time of

            order i.e. color suffix: -0, -1, -2, -3 or -4)

Blinkeze External Lid Weights are packaged NON-STERILE and are intended for external use only.


  • Effective non-surgical eyelid closure treatment
  • Superior patient comfort and ease of use
  • Simplifies supportive eye care
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction


  • Produced from 99.99% pure tantalum
  • 12.7 mm radius of cylindrical curvature conforms to the curvature of the eye
  • Treatment kit contains 100 hypoallergenic adhesive strips and an application mirror
  • Available in four skin tone colors: pink, tan, medium, and dark brown
  • Blinkeze External Lid Weights are manufactured in the U.S.A.


Blinkeze™ External Lid Weights
Weight Thickness Light
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
0.6 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6006-0 TEW 6006-1 TEW 6006-2 TEW 6006-3 TEW 6006-4
0.8 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6008-0 TEW 6008-1 TEW 6008-2 TEW 6008-3 TEW 6008-4
1.0 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6010-0 TEW 6010-1 TEW 6010-2 TEW 6010-3 TEW 6010-4
1.2 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6012-0 TEW 6012-1 TEW 6012-2 TEW 6012-3 TEW 6012-4
1.4 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6014-0 TEW 6014-1 TEW 6014-2 TEW 6014-3 TEW 6014-4
1.6 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6016-0 TEW 6016-1 TEW 6016-2 TEW 6016-3 TEW 6016-4
1.8 grams 1.0 mm TEW 6018-0 TEW 6018-1 TEW 6018-2 TEW 6018-3 TEW 6018-4

For additional information, Contact Us or Call MedDev Customer Service at 800.543.2789 (M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm PST).

New article on External Eyelid Weights:
Zwick, Orin, M., and Seiff, Stuart R.: Supportive care of facial nerve palsy with temporary external eyelid weights. Optometry, 77, 340-342, July 2006. Available via Medscape or by contacting the publisher.

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